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Digital Legal Pack

Show buyers that you're transaction ready

A quicker property sale

We help you become 'transaction ready' at the point your property goes to market (well before you have found a buyer). This can potentially save you 3-4 weeks compared to a typical property sale where non of the legal information has been sourced upfront.

Attract more buyers

Better engage potential buyers by providing a more comprehensive, transparent and legally accurate property information pack, to go alongside your property's marketing particulars. This may include HM Land Registry title documents and official title plans as well as other relevant data points.

Reduce fall through risk

Our packs make buyers more aware of what they're buying. This reduces the risk of issues arising at a later, more stressful and more costly stage of your property sale.

Save yourself time

You only have to provide information once and this is shared with both your estate agent and conveyancer (regardless of who you eventually instruct for the sale). This removes duplication, increases accuracy and saves you time. Our Digital Legal Pack works with all conveyancers and this platform is licensed by the Law Society.

How it works

Securing your property sale, so that it happens

1. Create legal packEasily and securely provide your data to create your property's Digital Legal Pack. We also link to HM Land Registry so you can include the property's official title register and title plan.

2. Share with agent Your estate agent will use your Digital Legal pack to market your property and attract more buyers. There will be a dedicated URL that potential buyers can use to view your property's Digital Legal Pack (before they make an offer) and your estate agent can control which buyers have full access.

2. Share with lawyerWhen you have accepted an offer, your conveyancer will download your pre-completed legal pack in the correct Law Society format. This means they can action your property sale much quicker than if they had to ask you to source this information from scratch.

Working with you

On the biggest transaction of your life

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View a property's Digital Legal Pack before making an offer

Get more transparency on your potential purchase

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Create a Digital Legal Pack for your property sale

Experience a faster and more certain property sale

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