Bringing transparency to the home buying process

Transparency is a constantly recurring theme when discussing the process of buying and selling a property, so it's at the heart of everything we do.

Supported by HM Land Registry, we provide a free platform that helps buyers evidence their buying position, which in turn provides a much needed transparency to estate agents & sellers.

We have developed a simple, honest and transparent way to score buyers based on their 'buying position', where third party estate agents can independently validate individual pieces of information that contribute towards a buyer's 'buying position' and their ability to transact.

Using Hipla, home buyers can for the first time see how their 'buying position' compares to other buyers looking in the same search areas, see a breakdown of what they can afford and get free help from us to better position themselves.

And agents that use Hipla get real-time updates and can provide their sellers with better information, helping their sellers make one of the most important decisions of their lives an informed one.

Which means when our buyers do find their dream home, they're better positioned, more likely to have their offers accepted and can transact quicker, reducing everyone's risk.

A small team, making a big difference

Driven to achieve the highest standards and with a passion to make a difference, our philosophy is simple, if it's not the best it can be, then make it better.

We see many opportunities to contribute towards making the home buying process better for everyone involved. This is just the start of the journey and the future looks bright.